Listen up berks...

"Oh, hullo. I'm Benden Piper, at your service. I've not been out here in the vast Multiverse long(as far as you know), but there're a few things I /have/ learned: Out here in the vast infinites, there's not many cutters you can trust with your life, let alone with your brain box, but I've managed to compile a list of berks that just might be able to help you...if it's knowledge your looking for, that is. So stay alert, and you just might make it out here."

I am the Mimir:  This place is run by a nice(barmy) gith called Voila. He's got a couple or six of those talking skulls called mimirs, and's got a library of chant, darks, and gossip that might even top the Hall of Records.
Barmy to the Spire:  A helpful kip that's called by a barmy, overworked Mushiloth named Jerum. He also happens to be a Lady's Servant for the MUSH "The Lady's Cage." As he says, "Barmy to the Spire - It's funner than being eaten by a Slaad!".
The Lady's Cage:  Now's here's the homepage for the only Planescape MUSH around(and running). Recently, they've put in handy forms for those wishing to join or set up a kip for themselves in the City of Doors. The wizard's are: Verdax, Tom, Skypti, and Jerum.
Dream of Dreams:  Setup by Heregul, Planar Sage of No Repute, this page's got enough information stored in netbooks and logs, to topple Mount Celestia. Although that kind of talk'll get you a tongue lashing if you say it near Heregul's student, Shikina, or the man himself.
The Chaos Soup:  Ahh yes, the Soup, the get-anything-you-want-or-need establishment in the Hive. It was started by Nexus, a Xaositect, of all people. I, myself happen to be a part of it, and the other current members are: Nexus, Trinity, Tyrone, Etzain and Thanurel.

The Evergold Portal:  This here is Trinity's site. She's a good friend of mine, but has a few peculiar habits, so watch yer neck. Tell her Ben sent ya, and you'll be fine.

The Astral Gith: Githyanki: Ever wonder what is going on inside the githyanki mind? Preparing a trip to the Astral, and need to speak some of the local cant? These questions and more can be answered by visiting this site set up by another wizard for the Lady's Cage, Skypti(it's not up at the moment).

The Planewalker's Guild: Run by Mafioso Seraph, a rogue Lillend, this site is another of my joinships. This place is the premeire hang out for all Planewalkers. If you're not a member, and call yourself a Planewalker, I'd watch myself around these parts if I were you.

Gibberish: This is a site full of short works of prose by Tom, another wizard of the Lady's Cage. Tom is a barmy elf who thinks he's an Eladrin, but don't tell him that! And another thing, watch your caps, he'll slap you a good one. Believe me, I know.

Take a Peek inside my Journal:  I've compiled a few facts about these vast planes of belief and matter myself. So, if you like, take a look. Mind you, stay away from the parts that aren't marked, those're special darks protected by the....never mind, just stay away from 'em.


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This page was last updated on: June 21, 1999